Web Developer

TecBrat.com LLC offers services related to web developing and web hosting. See the about page to find out about my qualifications and experience. You'll learn a little about me and about the direction of this website and company.

See the Services page to get an idea of the web development, hosting and website maintenance services offered at TecBrat.com.

I have tried to keep my terms fairly simple. Each client will need to agree to these terms before we begin to work together. To view these terms, click here.

One of the easiest ways to reach me with any questions is to use the contact form built into this site. Just click the contact button or this link to access the form.

TecBrat.com LLC is owned and operated by Corry Wauford who has eight years experience working with PHP and MySQL building and maintaining websites for his former employer, JH Studios, Inc. These sites included working with pre-built systems like zencart and wordpress as well as custom built applications to take full advantage of various XML APIs including payment gateways, shipping estimation and product search. Read more on the about page. Services will include maintaining existing sites, building sites from the ground up, adding new functionality to existing sites & integrating new features to existing pages. Check out my other PHP projects and, Google+